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PPF Consent and Release Form

The process of film application, film removal, handling of pre-existing film, applying, or removing film, trim, molding, or vehicle badges, warranty removal or any of these tasks, warranty work from other dealers, mixing film brands that we do not support, and similar conditions are all examples of situations where we need mutual clarification before we begin work on your vehicle.


  • Your new protective film will take 3-4 weeks to fully cure/dry.

  • Do not wash the vehicle for the first 5 days.

  • You may notice some telltale signs of water under the film. We make every effort to have your film completely dry prior to delivery, but if you see some water spots under the film, avoid touching them. They will evaporate. Any air left behind we can easily remove once the film is fully dried.


  • Vehicle cannot have any paint protection coatings on it such as ceramic coatings. These can affect the effectiveness of the adhesion and may cause lifting, bubbles and other issues.

  • Client is aware that the design of the PPF is for OEM factory paint.

  • The client waives and releases Swirl Free Detail from any warranty or damage claims where a product has been applied to a non-OEM paint surface. 


  • Please note that current chips will appear as PPF imperfections if we install PPF over them.

  • We have several methods to mitigate the overall negative appearance of rock chips under the film, but the older the vehicle, the more likely that it has existing rock chips that will stand out. This is especially true on dark or black vehicles, as the "dots" show as a light gray/white spec.


  • I strive for perfection in my installations, but due to the nature of covering an entire vehicle in an adhesive film, it is likely that you will see some degree of dust, contamination, or other debris under the film after installing.

  • I attempt to take every precaution possible to make a near-perfect install, with the understanding that no installation will actually be perfect.

  • I will not allow it to leave if I would be not satisfied with the install on my own vehicle.

  • Please note that the older the vehicle, the more likely it is to have dirt hidden in hard-to-access areas without a complete disassembly of the vehicle (which we do not do). 

  • If the goal is to find an imperfection in the film, you will find something. We urge clients to consider that this is a protective film and not a completely invisible film with no imperfections.   


  • It is possible, and normal within the industry, to notice some minor lifting that needs to be trimmed at the two week mark post installation.

  • We make every attempt to avoid this situation but it is normal to have to trim some areas. If lifting is noticed in the first 14 days after vehicle is picked up, don't hesitate to contact us to have us trim these areas. Beyond that, we cannot know what is causing the lifting and are no longer liable.

  • To prevent film lifting, avoid automatic car washes and spraying the edges with a high pressure nozzle hose, high powered pressure steam or a power washer. Hand wash when needed. 

6. FILM REMOVAL (if applicable)

  • Old film removal that has been installed previously may cause the paint to be damaged.

  • By authorizing Swirl Free Detail to proceed with removal, the client hereby acknowledges the risk, waives any claims against Swirl Free Detail, and agrees that Swirl Free Detail will not be liable in the event that damage does occur during the removal process. 


  • Unless otherwise discussed, bringing your vehicle authorizes Swirl Free Detail to use photos and videos for social media, and/or advertisements.

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